oneplus 9r 5g With 256GB Internal Storage & An External Battery


Oneplus 9R and other smartphones by Oxygen OS are known for their cutting edge technology and the Oneplus 9R definitely falls in the top range. This powerful smartphone from OxygenOS is like a mini computer in your pocket thanks to its Qi wireless technology. This amazing phone enables users to enjoy a wide variety of features and capabilities at one place and that is what makes it different from the ordinary smartphone. The Oneplus 9R has a complete range of high-tech features that include: oneplus 9r 5g

Qi Wireless Technology: Qi wireless technology is one of the biggest reasons why this smart phone from OxygenOS performs so well. It allows you to streamline communication with your devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and even cameras thanks to its multi-direction connectivity with all your peripherals. With the Oneplus 9R, you can easily transfer files to your computer or another smart phone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Plus, you can synchronize your calendar, contacts and tasks from any device, so you can have peace of mind knowing that everything you do is right in front of you. Connectivity is made easy with the Qi charging technology that gives you a long lasting charge.

High Definition Video Recording: When you want to take videos with your smartphone, you are simply unable to do so if the memory is insufficient. The oneplus 5g can capture videos in high definition thanks to the front camera and the ability to shoot in portrait mode, which makes it ideal for taking action shots. You can also shoot in night mode and there are many other features that can be accessed using the touch screen. Apart from videos, the Oneplus 9R can also upload pictures taken with the digital camera. With an internal memory of 8GB, the oneplus has plenty of space to upload pictures. And since it is compatible with most micro SD cards, you can transfer large photo albums to your device.

Memory Capability: On the surface, the oneplus 5g resembles the mini laptop of the iPhone but is smaller in size. And what’s more amazing about it is that the in-display fingerprint sensor lets you sign in the wireless environment where Apple Pay is accepted, thus enabling you to access your phone anywhere you are. Not only this, the 256GB internal storage of the Oneplus allows you to store huge volumes of music and movies.

Powerful Camera: It comes with two cameras – one for standard angle and one advanced lens. The 12GB of ram ensures smooth processing power for photos. And if you are looking for good picture quality, then go for the iPhone 6s Plus and use the UHS-I grade for the camera. The iPhone 9r has four times the memory of the 5g, thus enabling you to shoot up to ten videos at once.

Price: The iPhone 9r has fallen in the budget of the iPhone 6s Plus. But it is not the case with the iPhone 9r. It comes with all the features of the Plus model minus the iPhone’s dock connector. And with its reduced internal storage, it could be said to be a low end product. But the cost benefits are worth it. It also supports microSD for movies and music downloads and has a slot for the larger battery of the iPhone 6s Plus.

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